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HP Scanjet 5400c Scanner (ver. 084) PE выпущен 2002.06.03.

Файл скачан 12 раз и просмотрен 2883 раз.

Категория Сканеры
Бренд HP
Устройство Scanjet 5400c Scanner
Операционные системы Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows 98
Версия 084
Размер файла 124 Kb
Тип файла PE
Выпущен 2002.06.03
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ScanJet 5400c series Firmware update for HP Scanjet 5400c Scanner Type: Firmware - Patch This software updates the firmware for the sj5400c/­sj5470c/­5490c series of scanners.­ This update resolves the following issue: Image Quality problems.­ IMPORTANT NOTE: Before installing this update,­ close all other programs and make sure that the scanner is connected to the computer and powered on.­ After installing the firmware update,­ the scanner's carriage may continually move back and forth,­ as if scanning.­ Although not typical,­ this behavior could damage the scanner if not stopped.­ To stop the continual scanning,­ unplug the scanner from power and wait ten seconds before plugging it in again.­ This will reset the scanner and it should return to normal operation.­ Choose the file you want to download to your system.­ With your mouse,­ click on the file.­ In the save as dialogue,­ you will be prompted to select the folder (subdirectory) where you want the file downloaded.­ Once the file is downloaded,­ double click on it,­ and the software will decompress and then install update automatically.­ Click OK to install the update.­

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