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HP xp7035 (ver. 1.­032) EXECUTABLE SELF-EXTRACTING выпущен 2006.09.05.

Файл скачан 0 раз и просмотрен 4381 раз.

Категория Проекторы
Бренд HP
Устройство xp7035
Операционные системы Windows 2000, Windows XP
Версия 1.­032
Размер файла 1.06 Mb
Выпущен 2006.09.05
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This firmware release is for the hp Digital Projector - xp7000 Series,­ which upgrades the projector mainframe software Fixes Support for PN1050 added Fixed issue that occurred switching from VGA to DVI source Fixed audio issue when there is no valid source.­ Fixed issue where the OSD fails to come up after the source is removed,­ when the projector image is hidden.­ Range of audio volume changed from 0 -100 to 0 - 33 Fixed issue with projector settings lock functionality in XP7010 Enabled Room Controller command HIDE=2 Improved reliability of RSET room controller command.­ Changed OSD help message for non-VGA sources from "Requires a picture source.­" to "Used only when source is VGA.­" Optimized the white intensity in video mode

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